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Henneke Funeral Home
1515 Montezuma St
Columbus, TX 78934
(979) 732-2143
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Services We Offer

Traditional Funeral Service

A formal or informal traditional funeral service prior to burial often provides a sense of closure to family and friends. Your loved one is present. Usually the night before, visitation, wake or viewing is held and provides a way for friends and acquaintances to pay respects, share memories and offer condolences to your family. The funeral service is normally the next day either in a church, our funeral chapel or a special location or facility chosen by the family. After the funeral, a graveside service may be held for burial of the casket and usually consists of final remarks, prayers or memories.

Direct Burial

Direct burial does not consist of a funeral ceremony. The person is placed in refrigeration until proper paperwork is complete. Then the body is bathed, dressed and casketed. The casket is transported to the cemetery for burial.

Memorial Service

At a memorial service an urn may or may not be present. Otherwise similar to a funeral or visitation, a memorial service gives family and friends a time to come together in your memory and celebrate a life. It may take place at the funeral home or at a location of your choice. We encourage families to help personalize the service with memorabilia, photographs and other personal items to help make the service as unique as their loved one. A memorial service can also be an addition to a traditional funeral service, for example, having a traditional service here and memorial service in the deceased's home town.

Graveside Service

A graveside service is held at the burial site. This service may be limited to the immediate family or open to all. After the service, there are options for a memorial service at the funeral home chapel, church or venue of choice.


Many options are available for those who choose cremation. A family can decide on a memorial service or a full funeral with visitation followed by cremation, or immediate cremation with no formal ceremony. The deceased is placed in a refrigeration unit until proper paperwork has been completed, and the necessary permits obtained. Then the body is placed in a cremation receptacle and transported to a crematory. Then the cremated remains can remain in the crematory urn or be placed in an urn purchased by the family. The urn is ready for burial, or to be placed in a niche or taken home.

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